Research areas in this Pharmacognosy are continually expanding. Teaching of pharmacognosy in educational institutions gained new significance, as a result of the explosive growth in the use of herbal remedies in modern pharmacy practices. Today it includes aspects of cell and molecular biology in relation to natural products, in addition to the more traditional analytical method development and phytochemistry.

Pharmacognosy is a branch of Pharmaceutical sciences deals with study of drugs obtained from natural sources. The goal of the branch is to impart the knowledge to the students in the field of Pharmacognosy, phytochemistry and biotechnology so as to meet the industrial, research and academic standards. Upon the completion of the course students shall be able to perform;

  • Basic pharmacognosy experiments.
  • Extraction and isolation of photo constituents from plants and plant materials.
  • Pharmacognostical and photo chemical investigation of medicinal herbs
  • Standardization and evaluation of herbal formulations and extracts.
  • The techniques for improving the quality of medicinal herbs