The department caters to the needs of D.Pharm and B.Pharm students. It is a well-equipped department, with adequate infrastructure for undergraduate and post-graduate programmes.

The department is actively involved in research and every year a number of papers are being published in national and international journals.

The thrust research areas of the department are: cancer, metabolic disorders, pharmacology of tissue repair, inflammation, radio protection and radio protection. The students are trained in both theory and practical aspects so as to carve into a good Pharmacologist. The excellent infrastructure facility along with exposure to latest digital screening instruments builds up commendable hand skills in the students, which is expected by any pioneer institutes across the globe. A career in pharmacology, unfolds a vista full of opportunities leading to a golden future for a young career aspirant.

To name few, Clinical Trials, Bio equivalence studies, Toxicological Studies: These are some of the areas of clinical research which are in high demand as they are involved in the systematic evaluation of potential drug substances prior to getting them approved by the authorities. In these job opportunities, working conditions, job satisfaction and monetary benefits are excellent.