B.Pharm (four year Undergraduate programme)

It is a four year Undergraduate programme which aims to provide pharmacy education of excellent quality and focuses on producing future pharmacists who will promote the safe and effective use of medicines, ensuring patient and public safety at all times.


Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm.) is an undergraduate 4-year pharmacy program offered by Mahadeva Lal SChroff College of Pharmacy (MLSCP) that deals with the manufacturing, sale of life saving drugs and their safe and effective use. B.Pharm. program focuses on the study of biology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, physiology, dispensing etc. The course trains students in various aspects of pharmacy and makes them eligible to take multiple responsibilities in the pharmaceutical sector.

B.Pharm curriculum is an outcome-focused curriculum designed to prepare students for their future professional practice. Teaching is integrated covering basic and applied science, clinical and professional practice, all in the context of patient care. Core themes of biological sciences, chemistry and drug delivery,

and professional practice are taught within integrated modules based around body systems including: brain and psychiatry; heart and circulatory system; and the endocrine system. Using the body systems we break down barriers between the themes supporting you to learn more effectively. This will be supported by an increasing focus on practice-related learning, as evidenced by placements in repeated companies and institutions. B.Pharm. course provides the knowledge of healthcare and biochemical science to the students. Students interested in pharmacy-related positions in healthcare and drug industry can pursue this course.

It prepares students for life-long career as pharmacy education experts, clinical researchers and pharmaceutical scientists in healthcare services. B.Pharm. Program at Mahadeva Lal Schroff College of Pharmacy (MLSCP), students are provided a learning environment that is nurturing, simulating and inter-disciplinary.

Program Structure

The curriculum of B.Pharm provides a broad-base education that has a strong foundation in pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences. The foundation in pharmacy sciences serves as a basis for the development of various clinical skills in the areas of pharmacy that are patient oriented. The program curriculum focuses on the use of drugs and well being of the patient. Under the drug modules, students learn the properties of drug molecules and how to use them for bio-transformation.

The product modules of the program provide an integrated overview of the healthcare product development process with focus on safety. Under the patient modules, students learn about the structure, disease state and the effect of drugs on the human body. Overall, students acquire a solid foundation in the knowledge of science,

a high level of core competencies in pharmacy practice, work attitude, general skills and professional ethics for life-long employability.

The curriculum of B.Pharm program at Mahadeva Lal Schroff College of Pharmacy has been framed taking into consideration the responsibilities of the students to meet the demands of pharmaceutical industry, at the same time ensuring the patient care and pharmacy practice. We offer inter-disciplinary project based learning to the students with industrial and clinical exposure in health care organizations. Hands on training, case studies, laboratory teaching, group discussion and conferences are the part of curriculum.



To incubate students, the knowledge and innovative practices to develop critical thinking, problem solving abilities and leadership skills. The institution will set a standard of ultimate excellence in pharmacy education.


  1. Based on knowledge and understanding: The pharmacy students should possess upon graduation, knowledge of pharmaceutical, medication, uses and their safety and effectiveness.
  2. Based on Skill: the Graduate should able to demonstrate his skills in providing quality pharmaceuticals, drugs information therapy including legal and ethical aspects.
  3. Based on Attitudes: The graduate should be to inculcate the current knowledge, change in technology, continuous upgrading of professional information and participation in implementation of National health programmes.


  1. Pharmacy Knowledge
  2. Planning abilities
  3. Modern tool usage
  4. Leadership skills
  5. Professional identity
  6. Pharmaceutical Ethics
  7. Communication

Immediate Goals

  1. To develop various domains of Practice School as per PCI curriculum for B. Pharm Program.
  2. To develop research project module for B. Pharm students as per PCI curriculum.
  3. To introduce various Value-Added and Interdisciplinary courses.

Short Term Goals

  1. Emphasis on foreign collaborations in select areas, tie-ups with Indian and Foreign institutions.
  2. To start the PG Course in Pharmacy
  3. To start the PG Course in Pharmacy
  4. Strengthening of linkages with AICTE, ICMR, PCI and DST for research and extension programmes.
  5. Continuing education programmes for teaching and non teaching staff members.
  6. Organization of staff development programmes, national and international events.

Long Term Goals

  1. State-of-the-Art and ultramodern facilities at the college comparable to any well reputed international institutions, 100% computer enabled student friendly facilitation centre.
  2. To start the Ph.D programe in Pharmacy.
  3. Establishment of eco-friendly clean environment with excellent water and energy management
  4. Introduction of interdisciplinary teaching programmes
  5. Academic auditing and validation of research programmes
  6. Strengthening of institution administration to make it transparent, responsive and accountable
  7. Academic, administrative and financial autonomy to allow departments to initiate self financing programmes
  8. Encouragement for national & International seminars, workshops, refresher courses for faculty and students
  9. Strengthening of alumni association with the involvement of distinguished alumni in academic and structural development of the institution. Opening of chapters of alumni associations in different parts of the country and abroad
  10. Development of an excellent academic and research network of international standards

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) - B. Pharm.

  1. To provide a comprehensive pharmaceutical education leading to B. Pharm. Degree.
  2. To integrate pharmacy knowledge and skills with pharmaceutical research so as to increase inclination for higher studies and research.
  3. To develop pharmacists to contribute effectively in the social health care system.
  4. To provide hands on training through state of art infrastructure to meet challenges of pharmacy profession.
  5. To inculcate leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities in future pharmacists.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) - B. Pharm.

Eligibility criteria for admission in B. Pharm Eligibility criteria for Bihar State Candidate and Outside Bihar State Candidate for admission to first of degree course in Pharmacy. Candidate should be an Indian National and should have passed the HSC (Std.XII) examination of Bihar State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education examination or its equivalent examination with subject English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics,