Gender Sanitization Cell

The Mahadeva Lal Schroff College of Pharmacy is well prepared to handle and respond to gender sensitive issues and provide an environment where men and women can work together with a sense of personal security and dignity. For this purpose the institute has setup gender sensitization cell in January. The cell engrosses the awareness about gender issues and working towards and creating an enabling environment of gender justice.

Main objective of Gender Sensitization cell are

  • To make the young boy’s and girl’s gender sensitive and create positive values that supports the girls and their rights.
  • To provide overall guidance to the peer group in integrating/mainstreaming gender in all activities of the Institution in the form of focused group discussions, debates, poster making competitions etc.
  • To provide an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to understand the social and cultural constructions of gender that shapes the experiences of women and men in society.
  • To generate the awareness in regard to equality in law, social system and democratic activities.

Faculty member(s) deputed from pharmacy designated as nodal teachers in this cell will identify student Gender Champions from pharmacy department. Detail guidelines regarding selection of Gender Champions which is a joint initiative of the Ministry of women and Child Development and Ministry of Human Resource Development are provided on the website (

Formation of Gender Sanitization Cell

MLS College of Pharmacy campus level Gender sensitization cell has been constituted in the year 2021. It has been instructed to spread the message of gender equality in order to eliminate gender bias insensitivity through seminars, poster display, organizing exhibitions etc.

The cell has also been mainly entrusted with taking up cases of harassment and atrocities on female teachers, employees and girl students, enquire and take appropriate action against the culprits.


  • To examine and investigate on each complaint received from the women staff/ students by collecting the required information from connected people.
  • To examine all grievance letters received from the women staff/students regarding the sexual harassment.
  • To give feedback to the women staff/students concerned/ to find solution for their grievances.
  • The committee should find suitable solution to settle the problems faced by the women staff/students in regard to matters relating to sexual harassment within 10 days after through investigation.
  • The committee will record such grievances received from the women staff/ students in a separate register maintained exclusively for this purpose. The replay given by the committee to the women staff/students for grievance should also be recorded in the register.
S.No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Dr. Deepak Kumar Gupta Chairman 8178104454
2 Mr. Vikas Kumar Singh Member 9006502577
3 Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Member 9837746020
4 Mrs. Aditi Adarsh Member 6202188485
5 Mr. Pankaj Kumar Member 9097618291
6 Mrs. Kumari Priyanka Singh Member 8877725466
7 Miss Depali Lohani Student Member 9334818975
8 Miss Anu Kumari Student Member 7061316188