MLS Infrastructure


The institute has well designed spacious laboratories equipped with ultra-modern facilities for imparting updated education and training in various subjects of Pharmacy. The laboratories are well planned as per the norms and standards of regulatory authorities of the country and are in compliance with international standards too. A spacious instrumentation room is separately set up which houses many sophisticated analytical equipment. The Institution also organizes various scientific sessions, conferences, guest lectures and also promotes students to attend workshops and conferences organized by various sophisticated research organizations with an aim to impart practical knowledge to the students.

Machine Rooms

The college machine room has various machines used in the pharmaceutical industries at different stages of production, quality control and packing. Tablet punching machines, coating and polishing pans, bottle filling machines, and Q.C. instruments like friability tester, Disintegration and Dissolution test apparatus, all purpose equipment and others.


The college has an excellent Library and Information Center, one of the central support services of the institution, which acts as a primary source for information seekers, be it the students, faculty or researchers. It is carefully designed to maximize natural lighting to the users and provide a comfortable seating and reading environment. The library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of CD-ROM, online database, video cassettes, books, journals, WHO publication- journals and E- books.

It has membership with leading information center including Health Sciences Library Network. The Central Library also provides its service to the user community through seven well-equipped Departmental Libraries and Hostel Libraries.

Medicinal Plant Garden and Museum

The department has maintained medicinal plants in decorative pots in the college campus to familiarize students about the herbal drugs included for study in their curriculum. Plants are procured from established nurseries of medicinal plants. The plants are labeled to provide the basic information regarding their source, family, chemical constituents and uses.


College is connected by regular local bus and auto rickshaw service. The college also provides its own transport facility from Ramesh Chawak, By pass, bus stand etc. to facilitate staff and students.