Dr deepak Kumar Gupta

Dr deepak Kumar Gupta


Dear Student’s

Welcome to the Website of Mahadeva Lal Schroff College of Pharmacy which was established in 2018 by the Savitri memorial Trust with the vision to provide quality pharmacy education to students. During the past four years the college has made significant contributions towards building professional skills of pharmacy focusing on community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy & industrial pharmacy. Rapid progress have been made by the college in achieving its mission to strengthen, sustain and professionalize pharmacy knowledge through creative research, teaching and learning by integrating with organizations, institutions and universities. It is a matter of pride for all of us that the Mahadeva Lal Schroff College of Pharmacy is being constantly ranked as one of the top pharmacy colleges of the Bihar and Jharkhand region. It is reflected by the education and excellent placement record of the college.

Mahadeva Lal Schroff College of Pharmacy stands apart from other institutions on many counts. It is the only College of its kind which provides Pharmacy Education with in-depth focus, along with development of personality and communication skills. Pharmacy has expanded immensely and there are a lot of opportunities in Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance, Nanotechnology, Drug Discovery, Molecular Biology, Phytochemistry and so on. An understanding of these developments and capacity to analyze & respond to such changes are some of the capabilities that are inculcated in the students.

To make the students competitive and at par with their counterparts, we have well-equipped laboratories and excellent infrastructure. As we strive for excellence in what we do, the college is constantly making endeavours to scale new heights by developing synergy between graduate studies, research programs & pharmaceutical industry. Such a holistic approach would contribute towards continuous growth of the college.